CBG Distillate (99%+ Cannabinoids)


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Our rare CBG Distillate is high in cannabinoids and tests at 99.8%+.

88.72% CBG

12.11% CBD

99.8% Cannabinoids

Excellent For Vaping / Dabs

Great for Formulating Products

IMPORTANT PRODUCT NOTE: Due to high cannabinoid content, this product may crystallize. To turn to liquid again, give the product a hot bath in a sealed container. The product is best mixed with MCT oil or Vegetable Glycerin to avoid re-crystallization.

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One key difference between CBG distillate and CBG isolate is their form. CBG distillate is in liquid form and CBG isolate is in powder form. This matters for several reasons, a key one of which is how you use it. Both CBG distillate and isolate offer greater purity, cleanliness, potency, and shelf-life than other forms of isolated CBG or cannabis.

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